Visit at a glance


Visit at a glance

The entrance of the temple is situated further north. At the entrance there is the facility for shoe keeping and inside the premises, towards right is the facility of fresh water for cleaning purposes and ablutions.

The temple, in fact, is not an insolated temple but a temple complex, having all the necessary facilities for the visitors and worshippers. Upon entering the premises, towards left, the row of stairs, on a raised platform, lead to the main area called Garbhagriha, which is the sanctum sanctorum of the Lord Hanuman. Around this there is the passage which houses Lord Shiva. The passage has a ritual significance for the lay worshippers, apart from the stairs which lead to the first floor, giving another round of holy delight.

The first floor itself constitutes four sanctum sanctora of the Deities. It has got the temple of Lord Rama, to begin with. The portrayal of Lord Krishna, delivering sermon to Arjun, stands beside the Rama temple. Next to it, Goddess Durga is situated at the place. Next to this also the humanframe standing figure of Lord Shiva, meditating Mother Parvati and Nandi- the Holy ox are placed in the wooden palisade. In this wooden palisade the Shiva Lingam, is installed, the site for the performance of Rudrabhisheka.

The floating Ram-setu Shila is also placed on this floor only. It has been kept in a glass container and is revered by the people. The volume of this stone is 13,000 mm, while the weight is approx. 15kgs.

Now, we move on to the second floor. The second floor is mainly used for ritual purposes. Sanskar mandap is located at this floor only. Chanting of mantras, japa, recitals of Holy Scriptures, Satyanarayan katha and various other rituals are practiced and performed here. The floor also has the pictographic representation of the scenes from the Ramayana.

On the first floor, while crossing Dhyanmandap, to the left we are blessed by Lord Ganesha and Lord Buddha and further on, Lord satyanarayan, Lord Rama accompanied by Mother Sita and Goddess Sarasvati seem to cast a benevolent look on the devotees. In front of this façade of deities, below the Peepal tree, is the temple of Shani-maharaj; the temple, designed in the style of cave architecture, looks beautiful.

Coming back to the main campus; the campus houses the office, a shop selling ritual articles and a book shop, selling the books of religious genre. The campus also has one Astrological/Palmistry centre and a Gem Stone centre catering to the needs of devotees and providing guidance.

Another specialty of the temple is the prasadam, offered to the presiding deities thereon. The prasadam offered is “Naivedyam” which is prepared by the experts from Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh and is a delicacy.
The temple has now turned into a ‘teerth’ because of Hanumanji’s blessings and excellent management of the temple trust.